PSP Auto Transfer: automatically transfer files on your PSP without navigating

Variations of the Sony PSP - Image 1When you transfer files around on your PSP, don’t you sometimes wish that you could skip the folders altogether? With Dr4iNLiF3‘s homebrew application, now you can. In fact, the developer has just thrown some new stuff into this file transfer program today.

More details on this homebrew program await you after the jump.

Download: PSP Auto Transfer
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The logo for the PSP Auto Transfer program - Image 1 Sometimes, you just want to skip the nitty-gritty and cut right to the chase. Fortunately for Sony PSP users, homebrew developer Dr4iNLiF3 has released PSP Auto Transfer. It’s a kind of file transfer program that allows PSP owners to transfer different file types on the PSP without having to use Navigate folders.

Basically, the homebrew program automatically separates files and places them in the default folder for the operation of the file. This is done via the dragging files in the program window. As Dr4iNLiF3 put it, it can “transfer every file for your Sony PSP in the default folder…drag file into program form and the program copy file in the default folder…”

The extensions and their respective destinations are:

  • .cso –> ISO
  • .iso –> ISO
  • .dax –> ISO
  • .mp3 –> MUSIC
  • .wav –> MUSIC
  • .jpg –> PICTURE
  • .bmp –> PICTURE
  • .gif –> PICTURE

Dr4iNLiF3 also included the following features in the most recent version of the program:

  • Add in the supported format list : aac, tiff, mp4, jpeg, png
  • Fixed issue video, in the previous version form cant show
  • Improved transfer speed

It has been reported that future versions of PSP Auto Transfer will have no more extensions. Dr4iNLiF3 says that there will be other configurations available “as a recognition of firmware and the self-PSP Device.”

Download: PSP Auto Transfer
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forum

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