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PSP logo - Image 1 Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer Mediumgauge has launched the latest version of his much-loved PSP Filer software. PSP Filer version 4.4 has a Polish Mode added, along with nice extraction features not found in previous versions. With the XMB icon-reordering features still there and working well, this should prove to be another tasty treat for all of us.

Download: PSP Filer v4.4

PSP Filer 4.4 - Image 1

We’re sure a lot of you loved Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer Mediumgauge‘s PSP Filer software. You’ll have more reasons to be happy now as the dev releases PSP Filer version 4.4.

In addition to the neat XMB icon-reordering features of PSP Filer’s previous versions, a polish mode and extraction improvements have been added. Customization will now be deeper than ever.

Here are the general changes in PSP Filer version 4.4:

  • Added Polish mode.
  • Able to extract files in cso/zip that are larger than memory size (about 22MB).
    text viewer:
  • added a feature to change automatically into UTF-8 encoding when a file begins with UTF-8 BOM

You can find out more about PSP Filer 4.4 and all its other features and changes by checking the previous versions. Enjoy!

Download: PSP Filer v4.4

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