PSP Homebrew – Ball v1.1

Ball v1.1 - Image 1It’s no NBA Live, but hey, this is a pretty cool brew concoction from Flav1984. It’s Ball v1.1 and we’ve got the game going down at the full article.

Download: Ball v1.1

Ball v1.1 - Image 1 

Flav1984 dishes out his new homebrew game release, Ball v1.1. The goal is to move your character and get to the ball. Now do take note, you are under time pressure in this game, so you better hustle.

There are three different levels in this game, each with increasing difficulty. Here’s what’s in the changelog:

  • A red outline around the perso
  • A bonus level at the end of each difficulty
  • The white blocks (that move and you lose (and thank you to J3r3mie ac-portugal)
  • The black blocks that do you stop
  • You can now move with the analog joystick
  • The image file rules has been redone

Ball v1.1 - Image 1 Ball v1.1 - Image 2 

As for the installation instructions:

PSP Slim & Lite or PSP Standard Custom Firmware:


  • Connect your PSP to your computer via USB,
  • Spend your PSP in “USB Mode” through the “USB Connection”
  • Right-click on the file you downloaded,
  • Choose “Extract files …”, (WinRAR is recommended)
  • Select destination as the letter assigned to your PSP by the system.
  • Press OK and wait extraction files
  • Quit “USB Mode” on your PSP
  • Go to the menu Thursday> Memory Stick to launch Ball V1.1

Download: Ball v1.1

Via PSPGen

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