PSP Homebrew – Brick2Crick

PSP - Image 1We’ve got a prankster app right here, and we all know we always have time for a good joke to pull on our friends. flav1194 presents Brick2Crick. It’s a pretend-brick app that you can scare your friends with.

Download: Brick2Crick

Brick2Crick by flav1994 - Image 1 flav1994 brings out today another of his homebrew (which he says is his first), Brick2Crick, a simulator of… well.. when you brick your favorite handheld. It’s a pretty neat trick, actually. Just be ready to run when your friend recovers from his near-heart attack after finding his PSP “bricked”.

Here’s what you have to do to enjoy this prankster app:

  • Download the file and open it with Winrar
  • Extract its contents to the root of your Memory Stick and wait for extraction.
  • Then, go to: Game> Memory Stick> Updated PPSPS worm. 500 for launch Brick2Crick

Download: Brick2Crick

Previous flav1994 Release:

Via PSPGen Forums

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