PSP homebrew: CTF gameboot from MS

PSP homebrew: CTF gameboot from MS - Image 1Ever feel the need to make your own customized themes for your Sony PlayStation Portable? You’re not alone. NorthernFusion, luckily, has just announced over at the QJ.NET Forums that he came up with a solution wherein you can access the themes in your MS using one gameboot.

Download: CTF gameboot from MS
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forum

PSP homebrew: CTF gameboot from MS - Image 1 

Have you been converting your themes for Sony’s PSP just so you can add various gameboots you wanted to use? Well, there might be couple of themes of the same nature out there, but there’s a big chance that you guys might not like them.

Fortunately, NorthernFusion was able to develop solution for this predicament. This particular application allows users to run the CTF gameboot directly from the memory stick. What the coder did was edit a “clean 3.90 opening_plugin.prx so that he can safely load the gameboot from ms0/PSP/THEME/gameboot.pmf.

He then applied the opening_plugin.prx into the SchiDeLoaDeR theme and made a new CTF. Tadah! It can safely load it from the MS. If you guys manage to pull this little “trick” you can load the theme from the same gameboot.

Also, the coder noted that you can easily change it without converting each theme whenever you guys want to change the gameboot. In addition to this, NorthernFusion said that if there are people who are interested in making CTFs in the future, the opening_plugin.prx should be added so that it can be loaded from the theme folder.

This will provide as a “solution” and give more options to others. NorthernFusion actually made some sample CTFs. If you guys are interested to know what they are, you can go to the “Visit” link below.

Download: CTF gameboot from MS
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forum

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