PSP homebrew games featured in Japanese magazine

Sony PlayStation Portable - Image 1One Japanese magazine chose to give the PSP homebrew scene some love by featuring a handful of the best PSP homebrew games we’ve seen. Callisto, Janua, and Triple Triad PSP are among the few that appeared on the mag. Check out the full article for more details.

PSP homebrew game Callisto - Image 1Ever thought the homebrew scene deserves more recognition than it gets? We do our fair share of hoping that more people find what great games and apps are made by hardworking homebrew developers, and we were definitely delighted to find one Japanese magazine that has a feature on great Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew games.

Among the games filling up the mag’s space is the space shooter Callisto, trippy Panic Paradyz, side-scroller Janua, PSP Dungeons, cdogsPSP, Triple Triad PSP, and a handful of other PSP homebrew games. The titles featured have brief descriptions along with website URLs that lead to where the game is located. If you take a closer look, you’ll see QJ.NET’s very own download page as source of most of the homebrews.

We haven’t identified which magazine the feature is from, and the date on the page’s bottom left says January 2008, so we’re guessing the issue is not released yet. We’re all eyes, and if anything about the mag comes out, we’ll keep you posted.

Click on the link below to find the scan.

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