PSP Homebrew – G-stion’R V4

G-stion'R v4 - Image 1There’s a new version released for fableboss1‘s French PSP brew app, G-stion’R v4. It’s got a new color scheme to indicate how much battery you’ve got left — among a couple other changes. Check them out at the full article if you’re interested.

Download: G-stion’R v4

G-stion'R v4 - Image 1G-stion'R v4 - Image 2

fableboss1 is back with his G-stion’R homebrew application, and this time, it’s up to version 4. This all-in-one PSP utility pack has got some changes that you guys might want to check out, such as the new battery indicator color scheme.

Here’s how it works:

  • battery over 65% – color green
  • battery over 35% and less than 65% – color blue
  • battery below 35% and more than 15% – color red
  • battery less than 15% but indications: low battery, put the cpu a 99 mhz and cut the sound of displacement in the menu and shows the percentage of the battery in red

There are also a couple of other things that have been changed:

  • display seconds
  • adding a sound during the excursion in the menu
  • directions-time, date, info PSP now temp reel.

Download: G-stion’R v4

Previous G-stion’R release:

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