PSP Homebrew – Run Forever Demo

PSP - Image 1Contrary to what the title may suggest, this PSP homebrew game is not about running marathons. Rather, it seems like it’s all about hitting that right button at the right time, sort of like Parappa the Rapper.

Download: Run Forever Demo

PSP - Image 1We’ve got another PSP homebrew game demo for you to try out. This one’s called Run Forever Demo from Lord Dead.

According to his translated dev notes, the goal of the game is to “press the buttons that appear at the right time”. If that’s the case, we’re thinking it’s some kind of a rhythm game like Parappa the Rapper or DDR. There’s no screenshot or readme in the file so you’ll have to try it out to find out.

Anyway apart from that, he says that you can adjust the difficulty of the game via the opeions, and that you have to press the top to “avoid the stones winking.” Guess we don’t want them stones blinking.

Download: Run Forever Demo

Via DevsGen

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