PSP iTunes Controller: control your iTunes via your PSP

PlayStation Portable - Image 1How would you like to be able to control your iTunes via your multifaceted PlayStation Portable? Sounds swell, huh?

Well Ooblik seems to like that very idea himself and so has actually created an application that allows you to do precisely that. Check out what this PSP iTunes Controller is all about after the jump.

Download: PSP iTunes Controller
Visit: QJ. NET PSP Development Forum

PSP iTunes Controller - Image 1Coder Ooblik has released his PSP iTunes Controller via QJ.NET forums today. This app, for those of you who are interested, allows you to control your iTunes wirelessly from your PSP.

You folks would also be glad to know that it supports multiple connections, so that means you can actually use more than just one PSP to control iTunes. Talk about multi-media technology, eh?

Anyhow, installation instructions are as follows:

  1. Copy the “iTCntrl” folder to the ROOT of your Memory Stick.
  2. Start iTunes
  3. Run the application after iTunes has loaded.
  4. Go to the URL displayed at the bottom of the applications window with your PSP Web Browser. (http://***.**.**.***:1020/)

Other important stuff to remember about this app is that this is still in beta. So you may very well expect some bugs and other whatnots that should be good for a fixin’ the next time Ooblik releases a new version of this app.

And then some more:

  • This requires the Visual Basic 6 Runtimes form Microsoft.
  • You may have to unblock the program with Windows Firewall.
  • If you start the application BEFORE iTunes you will get errors.
  • You must forward port 1020 if you are behind a firewall or router.

Anyhow, make sure to read through the read me attached in the file thoroughly to spare yourself the agony of redoing things again. For further assistance, discussions, or comments, do check out our forums as well for more.

Download: PSP iTunes Controller
Visit: QJ. NET PSP Development Forum

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