PSP-3000 spotted at Best Buy; street date broken

Sony PSP 3k - Image 1It’s not October 14th yet, but already, the PSP-3000 has been spotted lurking about at Best Buy. The product, specifically, is the Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters bundle. Want proof? Go ahead check it out after the jump.

PSP 3000 Ratchet and Clank Bundle - Image 1 

Well look what we have here! A caged, honest-to-goodness PSP-3000 Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters bundle.

Yes, caged. You know, so it doesn’t get stolen. Those images were taken by NeoGaf forums poster Ermac, who said that he found this bundle of joy at  Best Buy. He made no mention of which branch it was, though.

When he asked an associate what the bundle was doing out, he was told, “Oh yeah, they do come out next week.”

The street date for the PSP-3000 is supposedly for October 14th. But reports have been coming in that some Best Buy branches like the one in Mission Valley, San Diego have already been selling it since last week.

The Ratchet PSP-3000 bundle comes with a 1 gig mem stick. The one with the 4 gig stick doesn’t come out till November, but I guess it’ll be safe to warn that another street date will be broken then.

Via NeoGaf

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