PSPTube 20080211 – youKU added, Daily Motion fixed

PSPTube 20080211 - youKU added, Daily Motion fixed - Image 1Long-time users of homebrew application PSPTube will be happy to know that owner SofiyaCat has just rolled out a new build. This release bumps up the program to version 20080211.

To know about the specific changes and details regarding this .FLV-playing program, click the “read more” link below.

Download: PSPTube 20080211

PSPTube 20080211 - youKU added, Daily Motion fixed - Image 1Homebrew coder SofiyaCat has just released a new version of the very handy application PSPTube, bumping it up to build 20080211.

For the uninitiated, this program allows users to play .FLV files on the Sony PSP without the need to convert them. As you all know, PSPTube releases are done in Japanese so changelogs don’t come easily.

However, some of our readers have told us that the following improvements have been noticed:

  • veoh is GONE
  • youKU was added
  • fixed Daily Motion

If you’ve noticed some changes that we failed to list down, you can help us inform the rest of the PlayStation Portable homebrew community by putting your find in the comment section below.

QJ.NET would like to thank Ari Bornstein, SBrown, Nyutan & CLoud_V.02 for the heads up!

Download: PSPTube 20080211

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