PSPTube 20080228

PSPTube 20020228 released - Image 1The latest version of PSPTube is yet another incremental update from PSPTube 20080224, though for frequent users it’s likely to be a major release since it does patch a few things experimented on since the previous release. Though homebrew developer SofiyaCat released the 20080224 alongside the archive you can download below, it’s simply because testing with the JavaScript implementation isn’t over yet.

Download: PSPTube 20080228

PSPTube 20020228 released - Image 1

The latest in the PlayStation Portable homebrew scene for the day’s transition to February 28, 2008 kicks off with an update to PSPTube 20080224, and that is this new release of PSPTube 20080228. Thanks to tipster Isaac D. and a good tongue babelizer, we’ve been able to make out what’s new with this release.

Please do note that our accuracy is just as great as a babelizer, so if anyone could correct our Nihonggo, feel free to do so. We’ll update the notes as necessary. We do know that 20080228 brings many features from 0224 for additional experimentation and feedback, so right now these are what’s new with 0228:

  • Moving may have become “outmoded” (?) – new with 0228
  • Added DecodeHTML to DecodeURL function (?) – new with 0228
  • Set screen size can now be set as default by editing configuration line “PSPTube.ScreenZoom = 0; / / 0: normal 1: full”- new with 0228
  • Network status now viewable – new with 0228
  • End of play mechanic stabilized (?) – new with 0228

As with the previous versions, simply copy the extracted folder to your Sony PlayStation Portable’s GAME directory and execute the EBOOT included. More updates to come soon – and that’s most likely, if the Japanese-inclined among you help us clear up our translation.

Thanks to Isaac D for the tip!

Download: PSPTube 20080228

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