QJ.NET kicks off the PSPUpdates Summer Homebrew Contest

Thumb - Image 1As a way of giving back to the homebrew community, QJ.NET will be holding a massive Summer Homebrew Contest, inviting all talented PSP coders to try their hand at winning fame and prestige awards (as well as a generous monetary reward!). Find out the contest rules and what accolades await the winner in our full article after the jump.

Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum

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Homebrew aficionados, put your thinking caps on. It’s been a while, but QJ.NET is gearing up for a massive Summer Homebrew contest! The contest will run from today until September 12th, 2008. A considerable cash prize (and possibly all-around pats on the back) awaits the developer who proves to be the top coder in this heated competition.

Now that the obligatory plug for the contest is over, let’s talk rules:

  1. The contest will run from July 29th until 11:59pm PST on September 12th, 2008. Any entries submitted after this period will no longer count during the voting period and will be disqualified.
  2. The winning entry will be tallied via community ballots on the PSP Updates homepage. A poll will be launched by the end of the submission date and the entry with the most votes will be considered the overall winner.
  3. Homebrew entries from other homebrew contests (e.g. NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition, Homebrew Idol, etc.) which won first place can no longer be entered for the contest. Non-winning submissions to these contests may still be entered, although please note that modifications made especially for this contest are encouraged.
  4. Contestants may submit any number of entries, which may either be homebrew applications or homebrew games.
  5. Submissions must be posted as a separate thread on the PSP Development forums, with the subject including the title: “PSP Updates Summer Homebrew Contest” and the title of your homebrew entry. Entries will be covered as news articles on the PSP Updates blog to keep everyone up to date. In addition, please email your entries to [email protected], so we can have an easier time keeping tabs on them.
  6. It is not required to post the source code of your entry. If you decide to post it, please make sure the code has the appropriate public licenses.
  7. Developers will also be required to include this splash page in their entries, ideally as the homebrew’s initial loading screen.

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The overall winner will be awarded a prize of US$ 300 (please note you must have a valid PayPal account). It’s a winner take all arrangement, so make sure you pour everything into your prized masterpiece (or masterpieces). The winning entry will be posted as a feature news article on the front page of QJ.NET.

Any updates will be posted here, as well as the forums, so make sure to check these two sources on a regular basis. Anyway, good luck to everyone and show the homebrew community what you’ve got!

Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum

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