QJ’s Publishers of the Year

thumb - Image 1Surprisingly it was almost a clean sweep. The majority of QJ writers agreed on this one, a single publishers name kept coming up around the water cooler. Can you guess which publisher stole our hearts this year?

Of course, there are always the dissenters. Booo! Hissss!

Gino D:

Publisher of the Year: Electronic Arts

Comments: Damn. As much as you might hate to admit it, EA owns your soul. They've got a massive share of the market, with relatively high sales all year. Their spammage of multi platform releases might not be to the taste of many a gamer, but you can't deny that they've been raking in the dough.

Isaac C:

Publisher of the Year: Electronic Arts

Comments: I know a lot of you will disagree with me on this, but EA made a lot of significant changes this year that changed my opinion of them. First they took Mirror's Edge and Dead Space, two rather risky titles, a far cry from their "rinse and repeat" formula of yesteryear. Despite poor sales of these games, they decided to take on Brutal Legend anyway, another risky game that's sure to get critics all agog, but might leave sales wanting. I admire EA for taking those first steps away from their heartless, capitalist image.

Mabie A:

Publisher of the Year: Ubisoft

Comments: I name Ubisoft publisher of the year simply because they are the only publisher left this year who can still afford to acquire other companies left and right while everybody else is closing down or laying off people. For what it's worth, that should count for something when talking about management skills, right?

Karl B:

Publisher of the Year: Electronic Arts

Comments: It all boils down to new IPs - Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, and next year's Saboteur, just to name a few. It looks like the money-grubbing and crap-churning EA of the past is history. I just hope the company doesn't start to backslide suddenly.

Glenn M:

Publisher of the Year: Nintendo

Comments: For selling Wii and DS hardware like candy in preschool, Nintendo deserves top marks for hitting a new market right on the money...

Chris C:

Publisher of the Year: Electronic Arts

Comments: Atari comes a close second, but seeing EA do a complete 180 and lead the charge this year with a bunch of new, well made, innovative IP's was a class act. They say a leopard can't change its spots, but the New EA proves that saying's wrong, whatever bug bit EA, let's hope it's infectious.

So guys, what are your thoughts?

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