Quake I: Arena 0.75 R3

Quake I: Arena 0.75 R3 - Image 1For those who are fond of using the mod Quake I: Arena 0.75 from coder lps, you will be happy to know that the developer has just rolled out a new build. This brings the game up to revision 3 or R3.

Anyway, several bug fixes and improvements have been added to this build. To see the full changelog, just click the “read more” link below.

Download: Quake I: Arena 0.75 R3
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forum

Quake I: Arena 0.75 R3 - Image 1 

Homebrew developer lps dropped  by QJ.NET PSP Development Forum and released a new build for Quake I: Arena 0.75. This particular mod is actually based on q1a 0.75 creation from  the coder electro.

Anyway, lps‘ mod gives users a lot of cool things like weapons, armors, and gameplay style. Here are the changes particular to Quake I: Arena 0.75 R3:

  • Used psp gl quake 1.1 (see PSP_Quake_1_Readme_v_1.0. txt)
  • Changed/fixed some maps (see maps.txt)
  • Some maps was retextured in q3 gothic stle by me
  • Fixed all missed sprites (bubbles)
  • Green armor textures was changed
  • Bots skill decreased (0-1)
  • Maximum bots now – 3
  • Changed fraglimit on some levels
  • Demos was removed
  • Some small fixes
  • All levels was tested

The owner of this mod put in several documentation in the download package. It contains a lot of relevant information regarding installation and usage as well as the newly retexrturized maps.

Download: Quake I: Arena 0.75 R3
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forum

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