Quake Wii 20080601 – resolution up, FPS testing begins

Quake Wii 20080601 WIP - resolution up, FPS testing begins - Image 1It’s not over for the Quake Wii project. Homebrew developer Eluan shoved some more updates for the Nintendo Wii homebrew game and smoothed out several rough edges. Currently there are two major improvements to the gameplay experience: the aiming has been tweaked (ala Metroid Prime 3), and the rendering of the game has been upped several notches in resolution. Get the rest at the full story.

Download: Quake Wii 20080601 (WIP)

Quake Wii 20080601 WIP - resolution up, FPS testing begins - Image 1 

Quake Wii 20080601 is the latest build to come out of homebrew coder Eluan‘s crafty developer hands. Although much has improved since the initial WIP release, the author maintains that it’s still a work in progress project. Homebrew gamers who’ve tried their hand at Quake Wii back then will find it irresistible to update to this version.

Why? Because Brazilian homebrew developer Eluan re-tweaked the aiming mechanics. Remember how Quake Wii would handle once your Wiimote cursor touched the edge of the viewable screen? That’s been changed with Quake Wii 20080601. It will now behave really close to Retro Studio’s Metroid Prime 3: Corruption aiming mechanics.

With aim improved, you only have to contend with perceiving the enemy. Luckily, Eluan has that part covered, too. Quake Wii 20080601 has its resolution rendered a level higher than the previous WIP release (interlaced, and depends on your TV).

This way you’ll be able to see the enemies better, but the author asks that everyone keep a keen eye out for framerate issues to keep the Quake experience smooth. Other changes since the first WIP release include:

  • Fix the reset [button] mistake.
  • Fix off-screen-wiimote aiming issues.
  • Exiting the game wii now return to the loader.
  • [Re-enable] game and config saving/loading.
  • Fixed bug when a wiimote disconnects during the game, better wiimote connection handling overall.
  • Metroid Prime 3-style aiming and shooting.

Specific to 20080601:

  • Rendering resolution increased to 480i/528i.
  • Lots of input improvements/bug fixes (including a fix to the gamecube controller aiming)
  • Basic netcode implemented (doesn’t work yet.) Most times net_sendto and net_recvfrom fail with error -81, which (as far as my limited knowledge goes) is undocumented. net_setsockopt also fails with error -81 when attempting to set SO_BROADCAST to a socket. However, sometimes I get some nice udp packets on my machine.
  • All glquake references removed from code in preparation to the GX version.
  • Lost all day researching GX, seems it will be a while until a playable version.

As with the previous WIP releases, players are responsible for supplying their own Quake game content paks.

And those users who’ve installed Quake Wii to the Homebrew Channel will have to be reminded that the game may not detect the Nunchuk properly. You may resolve the issue by re-synchronizing the Wii remote or reconnecting the Nunchuk to the Wiimote. Or you could try reloading the game, too.

Download: Quake Wii 20080601 (WIP)

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