Resident Evil 0 on Wii confirmed with Famitsu scan

Resident Evil Zero logo - Image 1Now that there’s Resident Evil 4 and Okami, we can’t help but notice the trend Capcom is taking. Ports to the Nintendo Wii have been coming in good numbers, and we love it. The next one in the Gamecube-to-Wii line-up is none other than Resident Evil 0, and you can learn more about it by heading to the full article.

Resident Evil 0 on Wii from Famitsu - Image 1

Remember when we caught wind of Capcom somehow re-releasing its Resident Evil 0 which is originally a GameCube title to the Nintendo Wii? We now have the Famitsu scan packed with details pertaining to this port, and from what we can tell, there’s nothing new in the Wii edition.

Following Capcom’s success with reiterating Resident Evil 4 to the white hot console with controls completely redone, Resident Evil 0 is facing its revival on the Nintendo Wii. Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen are back to escape from the zombie-infested train and locale surrounding it.

Why make a Wii edition of a game which can be already be played due to backwards compatibility? The idea here is to introduce a new motion-sensing powered experience. There are no signs of widescreen support, but speculative talks and rumors all point to widescreen with improved frame rates. Those who are interested can get a copy as early as summer.

If Capcom has further revelations for Resident Evil 0 on Wii, we’re sure to keep you informed, so watch this space for updates!

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