Resident Evil Degeneration to be released on UMD, DVD and Blu-ray

Resident Evil Degeneration - Image 1Resident Evil Degeneration is out to invade your home entertainment systems this holiday. Sony Pictures has announced that they will be releasing the blockbuster hit on UMD, DVD and Blu-ray formats.

Resident Evil Degeneration Collector's Edition - Image 1 

Persistence is key, so they say. Couple that with a big title and you know you’ve got a hit on your hands. Just when we all thought the UMD format is done for good, Sony has decided to give it another jolt with Resident Evil Degeneration.

Yep, they’ll be bringing the movie to your PSP’s UMD (at least for those in Japan) on December 17, 2008 for a slightly cheaper price at 3,990 yen (US$ 40). But the Degeneration infection won’t stop there. It’ll also be released on both DVD and Blu-Ray, with the DVD Collector’s Edition going for 4,980 yen (US$ 51).

Apart from these, you’ll also definitely want to get your hands on this movie’s copy because it’s got two language tracks: Japanese and English. Time to go bilingual, folks.

Also, if you’re a diehard fan and would like to get a little extra special from the home entertainment release of Degeneration, then you might as well go for the Limited Edition Blu-ray boxset.

Along with the movie, you’ll be getting a figurine of a mutated one-eyed monster (Patapons gone bad, anyone?). And you’d want to hurry, too, cos there are only 5,000 pieces made for this. The Blu-ray Limited Edition will be tagged at 12,800 yen (US$ 120).

If you’re in Japan at that time, or if you’ve got friends in the area, then maybe you’d want to pick up a copy of this movie. To check out more details, head on to Degeneration’s official site below.

Via Biohazard Degeneration Official Website

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