Reverb updated with new levels, bombs

Reverb - Image 1If you liked chrisp6825‘s gravity-fighting game Reverb, then it’s time to update your copy: an updated version of Reverb is now out, with five new levels and the addition of bombs. Some aesthetic elements are added to enhance the game as well. Read more details in the full article.

Download: Reverb (update)
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Reverb chrisp6825 - Image 1Homebrew developer chrisp6825 just updated Reverb, the gravity-abiding game based on the game compulse. This update (previous update here) mostly includes some additions to gameplay, including bombs and five new levels.

Some aesthetic changes that make the game a bit prettier are added as well, such as making stars appear whenever the ball hits any of the bombs.

According to homebrew dev chrisp6825, the codes in the updated Reverb are optimized to make the game run even smoother. Feel free to try out this game; if you’re confused about how this game is played, you can check out the previous version to have some clue.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning Reverb, just hit the via link to visit the Reverb’s forum thread and post your suggestions there.

The download below doesn’t include any documentation, so you better make sure you know what you’re doing when attempting to install this game. Have fun!

Download: Reverb (update)
Visit: QJ.Net PSP Development Forums

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