Reverzi PSP – now with PSP Slim support

REverzi PSP - with Slim support - Image 1A few years ago, coder Deniska released the homebrew game Reverzi PSP for the Sony PlayStation Portable. Now, the developer is back to release a PSP Slim-compatible version. Head over the full article for more details.

Download: Reverzi PSP for PSP Slim

Reverzi PSP for PSP Sli - Image 1

We hope you can still remember coder Deniska‘s Reverzi PSP homebrew game released back in 2006. If you don’t, we’ll refresh your memory database now that Deniska has released a new PSP Slim-compatible version of the game.

Reverzi PSP is a clone of the Othello version by Jakub Drnec. Your goal is to own your opponent’s planets by sandwiching them with two of your own. You will only emerge as the winner if you have more planets than your opponent. It’s that simple.

Not much have changed for today’s PSP Slim-compatible version. It still has three difficulty levels and you can create your own designs. Deniska just provided additional instructions for firmware 3.x users. Here are the complete installation notes:

  • 3.xx custom firmware users: copy contents of 3.xx folder to ms:/PSP/GAME or ms:/PSP/GAME3xx
  • 1.0 use EBOOT.PBP from 1.0 folder with data files from 3.xx folder

A readme is included so it is a must that you check it before doing anything. The gameplay controls and music features of the previous build are all there for your reference.

Download: Reverzi PSP for PSP Slim

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