Riccitiello: We want Take-Two for Rockstar, nothing else

EA logo - Image 1If you’ve been keeping up with the Take-Two buyout malarkey from Electronic Arts, then you’d know that EA is now targeting the shareholders after Take-Two gave them the cold shoulder. Now, we get the look at just what’s driving this offer, with the word straight from EA Chief Executive John Riccitiello himself. All the details after the jump.

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For those of us who have been keeping up with Electronic Arts‘ bid to take over Take-Two, here’s an update direct from EA’s Chief Executive John Riccitiello himself: the reason that EA’s been doggedly trying to buy out one of the most controversial publishing houses in this industry is simply that they’re after Rockstar, and the ridiculously-popular Grand Theft Auto IP. And no, they don’t have any ulterior motives or anything of the sort.

As for concerns that key staff at Rockstar might leave (or made to leave) if the acquisition is made, John Riccitiello has this to say:

There is no doubt that EA is several times larger than Take Two – everyday somebody walks in and somebody walks out. If the wrong guy walks out, we have an issue to deal with. But we don’t stop making games.

In case of Rockstar I would point out that the leaders are young, vibrant, they’re talented and committed. And what we have got right now is a corporate issue that has nothing to do with the people who build these games.

Interestingly enough, John seems to say that even though if some key staff of Rockstar might leave, they’ll still keep on making games. Would this mean that in the future, we’ll be seeing a Grand Theft Auto title boot up without the Rockstar logo? Hopefully not. As it is, however, things are certainly looking interesting for Take-Two and EA. Updates as we get them, and you can check out the via link for more info.

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