RIN version 20080620 for Wii, now also for GC

RIN version 20080620 for Wii, now also for GC - Image 1Though days old, the GameBoy Color for the Nintendo Wii and GameCube known only as RIN has been upgraded to version 2008-06-20, which is a massive upgrade since the previous version of the homebrew emulator.  Homebrew developer Askot picked up where author mirakichi left off, and now RIN has GC support. Get a load of the other changes when you laze your eyes over the full story.

Download: RIN version 2008-06-20

RIN version 20080620 for Wii, now also for GC - Image 1 

Back in April, homebrew developer mirakichi compiled a minor upgrade to RIN, the GameBoy Color emulator for the Nintendo Wii, and allowed for saving to memory (written to the front-loaded SD card).

Coder Askot of TehSkeen adopted the last source release and added a few touches that would allow for further advancement of the emulator in the new age of Nintendo Wii homebrew. Enter RIN version 2008-06-20.

The most major changes in RIN v2008-06-20 include the newly integrated GameCube support, which came inherent to the project’s upgrade to devkitpro r15 compatibility. Other updates include savestate load/save and management, improved SRAM to SD saving and loading, plus the following:

  • libfat support
  • LFN support for selecting/saving files.
  • Added PSO/SD/TP reload option.
  • Added reset console option.
  • Added more custom color palettes from Goomba Color.

Now while things are looking pretty down pat for emulator functions, RIN could use a little peppering up in the user interface department. That said, anyone who could lend homebrew developer Askot a helping, GUI-coding hand, you’re welcome to. The source code of RIN version 2008-06-20 is squeezed somewhere into that 350kb download.

Download: RIN version 2008-06-20

Via TehSkeen Forums

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