Rise of the Triad v1.01

Pink PSP - Image 1Remember Deniska‘s cool homebrew game Rise of the Triad for the PSP? We bet you do. We’ve got some great news about it as we’ve recently learned that coder ChillyWilly has just updated it to give it better controls and TV screen display functionality. If that got you curious, head on to the full article for full details.

Download: Rise of the Triad v1.01

PSP blue - Image 1 PSP Homebrew coder ChillyWilly has released an update to Deniska‘s fun game Rise of the Triad. Now at version 1.01, This game has received some very significant improvements.

The biggest of which is the fact that this game can now be played on a TV screen thanks to ChillyWilly’s  efforts. He rewrote the video to support SDL which enabled the new functionality. Also, the controls were tweaked a bit to make them more efficient.

The downloadable archive comes with the game and mini-shareware plus some notes to help anyone who wants to tinker with the game. Go through the readme file to see all the details that the dev has prepared for you. Enjoy!

Download: Rise of the Triad v1.01

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