Rock Band delayed once again in Canada

Rock Band by Harmonix - Image 1Harmonix’s Rock Band (PS3 and Xbox 360) has suffered numerous delays, and gamers in Canada may have to go through another announcement of a delay once again. This time, the game’s distributor, Electronic Arts, places the blame on the underestimation of the demand for Rock Band in Canada.

Rock band by Harmonix - Image 1Canadian gamers may be in for another disappointment: several retail stores in Canada reportedly had problems with Rock Band (PS3 and Xbox 360), possibly pushing back the game’s release once again.

According to some EB Games outlets in Canada, they were expecting their shipments of Rock Band to arrive last Thursday, but they were uncertain when they would receive their stocks, or how many units they will receive.

Gamers lined up in front of stores last Thursday to get their copies of the game, but were disappointed to find out that the retail stores didn’t receive their shipments of Rock Band, nor do they know exactly when they’ll get it.

Other outlets, such as Best Buy and Future Shop, pushed the game’s Canadian launch back to December 28. Due to the confusion about the particulars of Rock Band‘s release, retailers are now turning their anger towards Electronic Arts, the game’s distributor.

An EA spokesperson explained that the reason behind the botched release is that they underestimated the demand for the game in Canada.

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Via CBC News

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