R-Type Command: Absolute Zero, Initiation, Jupiter’s Shadow gameplay videos

R-Type Tactics - Image 1If you like the R-Type videogame series, but can’t keep up with all the action in its normal shoot-em-up mode, then why not try out AtlusR-Type Command for the PSP? It features the same Bydo-blasting action, but in a way that is certainly no strain on the reflexes on the controls. Check out how R-Type Command plays like in this gameplay video update. The full article beckons!

For those of us who enjoy a round of R-Type as much as the next gamer, but want the experience to be a bit more strategy-inclined rather than twitch-based – Atlus‘ latest rendition of the famous shoot-em-up franchise, R-Type Command for the PSP, has your back covered. And in this latest batch of gameplay videos, we see how it could be one of the more engaging tactical titles for the Sony PlayStation Portable today.

Looking at the videos, the pace certainly has changed from the usual Bydo-blasting insanity that we were all used to in the previous games. No longer are we rocketing through caverns and cities in breakneck speed – instead, every action is mapped out, and every move is pretty much predictable. Tactics in my R-Type game? Hell yes. Here’s hoping for an early release.

Enjoy the videos!

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