Rumor mill: On Lips to rival SingStar, You Don’t Know Jack coming to Wii, Powers & Titans to be announced

Rumor mill: On Lips to rival SingStar, You Don't Know Jack coming to Wii, Powers & Titans to be announced - Image 1In the same vein where you heard unconfirmed details of Call of Duty 5, Guitar Hero 4, the next Tony Hawk title, and Forza 3, we’ve learned that the Wii might be getting the ultimate party game for pop culture and trivia fans, while a new superhero game is to be announced for the high-powered gaming platforms at present. But what’s also interesting is that Microsoft has prepared their own game to rival that of SingStar, the so-claimed pet project of former Sony exec Phil Harrison, who’s now pursuing broader market dreams at Infogrames. More at the full story.

Rumor mill: On Lips to rival SingStar, You Don't Know Jack coming to Wii, Powers & Titans to be announced - Image 1 

It appears that right before 2008’s E3 Media & Business Summit rounded the bend, marketing research firm Intellisponse somehow accidentally leaked information that seemed apt to make a killing at the upcoming invite-only gaming event.

And today we’ve got three more pieces of unconfirmed details to share with you: Microsoft‘s new singing game On Lips, Jellyvision’s You Don’t Know Jack is being served to the Wii, and next-gen superhero game Powers & Titans.

All sourced from NeoGAF forum member MMaRsu, the information acquired allegedly says that Microsoft has prepared a videogame title that appears angled at the same market Sony‘s SingStar is reveling in. The new title, called On Lips, is an Xbox 360 “music and singing game” which should have 30 or so songs, not including the ones that can be downloaded additionally through Xbox Live. It’s supposed to come with two wireless microphones.

For gamers on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows, it appears that a new “superhero” game will be making landfall soon, which has game mechanics quite similar to say, NCsoft’s City of Heroes powers customization.

In short, you can create your own hero. Now details are very scarce – we don’t even know how varied and how big a collection of superpowers you’ll be allowed to choose from but the leaked information did point out that you will have to pick the right power for the right situation.

Powers & Titans is its name, and it’s apparently a game more focused on action than the RPG element. It’s especially geared for multiplayer, though single player was said to be included. But maybe it’s not all about superheroes either – the description says that teams can be formed for “invading a city.” Good or evil, sign us up for either!

For the Wii crowd, we hear that someone, somewhere is making a You Don’t Know Jack videogame especially for the Nintendo Wii. Now we can’t be really sure about this one – Jellyvision Interactive went episodic with the series after the final retail version shipped. They’ve been silent in retail for quite some time, and no new boxed version has rolled out since YDKJ 6.

Heck, we’re still trying to get ol’ Smithee out of his “nightmarish limbo,” and the thought of pumping in some humorous pop-culture to our brain training on Wii is just perfect. Simply perfect. In fact, what took so long to squeeze one out anyway?

That’s all for now, but remember that these are all unconfirmed. We’re pretty sure that no official word will roll out on these details. For now, let’s wait for E3 to see which ones are real, and which ones aren’t. Until then, stay tuned.

Via NeoGAF

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