Rumor: PSP to get more MGS, PS3 to get BioShock, plus more WiiWare

FOX Hound - Image 1Fresh off the successful Bionic Commando predictions for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3, the Quartermann is back and is looking to continue his roll of advanced info that turns out to be true. This time, word of a new Metal Gear Solid game for the Sony PlayStation Portable, BioShock for the Sony PlayStation 3 and new WiiWare products is being passed around. Do you think all these hold water? Read the full story and decide for yourself.

Read on to see details on these hot predictions.

Solid Snake - Image 1The Quartermann is back, and this time more juicy rumors are set to tickle Sony platform owners. Also reported is a possible return of WWF: No Mercy from the Nintendo 64 and more Sonic games from Sega on the Nintendo Wii via the WiiWare service. The year 2008 is looking very bright indeed if this buzz holds true.

While a lot of rumors aren’t worth any coverage, Quartermann’s been on a roll lately with some pretty accurate information. The last of which is the announcement of Bionic Commando‘s return to the Microsoft Xbox 360, PC, and the Sony PlayStation 3 which was spot on. On that virtue, we thought it would be a good idea to keep listening.

Right off the bat, it was revealed that a new Metal Gear Solid game is being developed for the Sony PlayStation Portable featuring Snake (unclear if it’s Big Boss or Solid Snake) in his early days on a new series chapter. Do we smell a Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops 2? We’ll find out soon enough?

Also noted was that BioShock may be coming to the Sony PlayStation 3 after all. The source says that Microsoft may not have an absolute lock on 2K Games’ latest masterpiece, and it’s headed to the Sony PS3 in 2008.

If you’re a Nintendo Wii owner and you’re looking for more wrestling fun, THQ is reportedly on the way to doing a WiiWare re-launch of Nintendo 64 brawler WWF: No Mercy. The rosters are said to be updated to suit today’s story lines, though it’s uncertain if the controls are getting a revamp.

Lastly, Sega was also reported to be working on the re-release of old Sonic games for the Nintendo Wii. No specific iteration was singled out, and considering how many Sonic games there have been since the Genesis days, your guess is as good as ours on which one it is.

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