Rumor: Sony planning on basing the PS4 on the PS3’s Cell Processor

Sony - Image 1Sony‘s preparing for the PlayStation 4? Cool! But what’s this? They’re saving on expenditures so they’ll use the PS3’s Cell Processor? Recycling really is the in thing lately.

PlayStation logo - Image 1We’ve heard Crytek discuss and predict the arrival of the PS4 sometime in 2011 or 2012. Now, Japanese website PC Watch is saying that Sony is indeed working on the next money-making machine for the PlayStation family, and that it’s gonna adopt cost-saving measures.

How exactly? Why, by recycling the Cell processor that’s currently being used in the PS3, that’s how. Well, of course they didn’t exactly say “recycled”. But basically, that’s the idea. Says the Japanese site, big ol’ Sony “has begun seriously considering” basing the PS4 on the exact same CP of PS3.

They also claim that Sony is now testing the waters by asking for developers’ reactions on the idea. Well, it’s not exactly surprising that they’d want to milk the CP as much as they can. after all, it’s only been in use for the PS3 for about a year, and it’s way too early for them to be making new technology when this one hasn’t even reached its potential yet.

We’ll see. We’ll be keeping you updated for more on this matter.

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