Rumor squashed: PS3 Home beta to be launched today

PlayStation Home logo - Image 1Yes, we’re all excited about PlayStation Home‘s launch, and there are several rumors about Home’s early release already circulating the Internet. There’s another juicy rumor, and this time it’s based on PlayStation 3’s latest ad campaign. It’s just too bad that it got shot down just as quickly. Check out the full article for more details on this tidbit.

PlayStation Home - Image 1It looks like there still are several rumors about the early release date of PlayStation Home floating about, and this is no exception: a poster in the Europe PlayStation forums talked about another early PlayStation Home release, this time based on PlayStation 3’s latest ad campaign.

According to one of the PlayStation forum posters, Sony supposedly hinted about Home’s early release in the recent ad campaign, since PlayStation Home is paired with Idol Mind‘s PlayStation Network exclusive PAIN. PAIN is scheduled for release on November 29.

This theory was debunked by Europe PlayStation forum community team member BetaBoy, however, saying that it is “totally rumour and speculation”. While it’s too bad that we won’t see PlayStation Home sooner, we’d just have to wait for its launch like good little boys and girls. For now, we’ll just have to make do with news about Home’s progress.

More updates to come!

Via PlayStation forums

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