Rumor update: no FF7 remake – it’s a spinoff or a sequel

Sephiroth - Image 1Okay, this is getting way outta hand now. Rumors of a Final Fantasy VII remake on the PlayStation 3 are running wild after Square Enix promised a big announcement about the franchise for August. A site that reported a remake is in the works changed its mind and now says such a thing won’t come to be. The report, however, hinted at other stuff. More in the full post.

Cloud - Image 1PlayStation Lifestyle recently reported that a Final Fantasy VII remake is already in the works exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and that an Xbox Live Arcade port is also being pencilled in. We’re pretty sure a lot of you took the post with a grain of salt, and you were right in doing so because the unnamed poster just had a change of mind.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, what was posted before no linger holds true. To quote the reporter with inside “information”, he wrote:

We have been an update to the information on the Final Fantasy Info. If there will be a “new” PS3 version of Final Fantasy 7, it WILL NOT be a remake. There is likely to be a spin-off or a sequel to this popular game and exclusive to the PS3. I extremely apologise about getting some of your hopes up about the FF7 remake.

It is important to us to provide reliable inside info for example, on Trophies and firmware 2.40. Many of you have pointed out that Sony own the rights to Final Fantasy 7 so how could the original come to Xbox Live Arcade. Therefore we have to question the reliability of any of my insiderÂ’s information. Hopefully by August the 3rd, we will have more of an understanding on what Square Enix may have up their sleeves.

Uhh, right…. In any case, let’s just wait for that announcement to come. This whole thing that Square Enix is doing to string us along is getting just a wee bit frustrating, wouldn’t you say?

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