RuneScape update: changes to Vinesweeper, items’ market values, etc.

RuneScape update: changes to Vinesweeper, items' market values, etc. - Image 1Heads up, RuneScape folks! Jagex Ltd has announced that all parameters regarding Vinesweeper have just been removed. This means that all players can access this feature, with no restriction whatsoever.

Aside from that, several other changes were put in, including to the market values of several items. Know more after the jump!

RuneScape update: changes to Vinesweeper, items' market values, etc. - Image 1 

Jagex Ltd. has posted an update regarding the recent changes put in RuneScape over at the MMORPG’s official website. Aside from the minor tweaks in the Friends and Ignore lists, most of the overhaul were done to the Vinesweeper.

According to the developers, they felt like this particular feature can still be improved a lot. Here are the changes as discussed by Jagex:

  • All requirements to play Vinesweeper have been removed. Anyone can play.
  • The Farming experience you receive for cashing in Vinesweeper points has dramatically increased
  • The price of flags has reduced when purchasing them with coins OR points
  • The price of seeds from the Winkin shop has reduced, so you can purchase more with your Vinesweeper points
  • Ogleroots are now available from Blinkin for 10gp each
  • Players leaving Vinesweeper with their flags are able to retrieve them from Blinkin for free, without being reimbursed for them
  • The rabbits haven’t been getting enough ogleroots in their diet and it’s had some strange effects. The rabbits have grown in size, making them easier to target with ogleroots
  • The Vinesweeper rabbits seemed to be very quick at eating seeds before the farmer could get there or you could stop them with an ogleroot. To solve this, you can now distract the rabbits with an ogleroot at a larger distance, allowing you to more easily protect your flags.

Like we briefly mentioned above, the pane inside the Friends and Ignore lists were widened. Also, players should take note of the adjustments placed in several of the items’ market values. The company further explained:

Broken items, such as Woodcutting axes, now have a market value that differs from their fixed version. This difference is equal to the cost that a player would incur if they repaired it.

The Farming patch spirit will no longer visit players who’ve attained a Farming level of 16 or above when they’re standing near a Farming patch.

Keep checking back here at QJ.NET in case Jagex Ltd. implements some more changes to RuneScape in the future.

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