Runescape update: Troll Stronghold rewards tweaked, Runecrafting improved

Runescape - Image 1Here’s a sweet update for Runescape players who always thought the Troll Stronghold isn’t worth the effort. Jagex Ltd made a little change to the quest’s rewards, and tweaked a few other things to make sure more players can utilize Runecrafting. Hit that jump for details!

Runescape - Image 1 

Jagex Ltd just unleashed a little update for the MMORPG Runescape that may have sneaked past your radars. Adventurers who enjoy tackling the Troll Stronghold can now reap better rewards, while many others have a chance to get into Runecrafting after the tweak.

In particular, players of Runescape can now trade law talismans and law tiaras. This is a step towards providing more people access to Runecrafting, followed by the decision to give some creatures the ability to drop law talismans. This way, even weaker players not capable of beating the Troll Stronghold can get materials they need.

If you’re not into crafting law runes, the Troll Stronghold in Runescape is still good for training. With the update now online, completing the quest earns players two XP reward lamps that help boost skills of level 30 or higher.

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