Saints Row 2 – more storyline and gameplay details

Saints Row 2 for PS3 and Xbox360 - Image 1THQ‘s Saints Row 2 is a gangster’s paradise in itself with news of online co-op and customization months ago. But we’re just getting the riot van started here as we have more storyline and gameplay info waiting for you over at the full article. Make the jump.

THQ‘s Saints Row 2 (Playstation 3, Xbox 360), like any other sequel, begs the question of what is new. Of course, we never want to get punked of our money’s worth. This is why Volition Studios’ lead designer James Tsai brings us some big-time, fresh details to make sure that if there’s any punking going on, it’s all confined in their latest gangster game.

In an IGN interview, Tsai talks about the timeline of Saints Row 2. The sequel takes place a few years after the first game with the gangster landscape changing a lot in Stilwater because of the demise of the gangs Vice Kings, Rollerz, and Los Carnales. Through all this, the main character is in a comatose and is a scarred non-factor, thanks to the explosion in the ending of Saints Row.

Now, these scars play an important role as far as you’re concerned. The hero will have to undergo plastic surgery and here is where you can customize how your character looks, from the appearance down to the voice. You’re in charge and Tsai tells us this what Saints Row 2 is all about.

More on the plot, Tsai confirms the return of Julius and Troy, a new enemy in Dane Vogel and a heavier and more nefarious involvement of the Ultor Corporation. With all these elements in place, this is shaping up to be another good gangster soap opera.

What about gameplay? Well, we know all about the online co-op single player mode. This time around, Tsai enumerates the following:

  • new missions with different vehicle gameplays involving a heavy machine gun-powered helicopter, a five-star yacht and a jet ski
  • deeper boss battles
  • fine aiming
  • melee combat props from environment

Yes, we’ve seen these features before in one way or another and Volition Studios admits the game is not free of bugs – but let’s see how Saints Row 2 turn these into something special.

Meanwhile, keep checking back here at QJ.NET for more of the upcoming game’s developments. We’re leaving you with the latest teaser for Saints Row 2.

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