SCEE explains why Pick N Mix PS3 bundle remains Europe only

SCEE explains reasoning behind 40GB PS3, two premium titles bundle - Image 1Having heard of the new PS3 cool bundle (PS3 40GB unit and two premium first party titles) being offered by SCEE in its region, we figured that some of you will begin to wonder if the same will be offered in your country.

Well, it seems like that is not going to be the case. SCEE has an explanation regarding the matter. You can read it by going to the full article via the “read more” link below.

SCEE explains reasoning behind 40GB PS3, two premium titles bundle - Image 1We learned a few days ago that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will be offering in its region a new PlayStation 3 bundle called as “Pick N Mix”. Basically, this allows gamers to have a 40GB model plus two first party premium titles for just US$ 685.66.

For other PS3 owners residing in other territories hoping to get the same deal, SCEE explained that this is not a directive to retailers.

Rather, it is a suggestion, hoping to make the whole experience more catered to specific type of players. SCEE further discussed:

We have made it clear from the outset that this was our intention to focus all our efforts on our 40GB machine going forward.

There was no press release on this as it is merely an offering between SCEE Sales department and retail. They are not obligatory, they are suggestions. Retailers can take this offer or – as frequently happens – can make their own.

We guess this simply means that the decision to bring this deal to any other region apart from Europe depends entirely on the view of local retailers and Sony’s various regional headquarters.

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