SCEE to launch PlayStation Network Collections for PSP

SCEE logo - Image 1SCEE‘s finding new ways to bring in more first party games to the PlayStation Portable. Their newest gimmick? The PlayStation Network Collections, a compilation of first party published PSN games.

PSN coming to PSP - Image 1Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has got a new gig up their sleeves. Come October, they will be launching the PlayStation Collection – Power Pack for the PlayStation Portable.

There will be two Collection discs,and will each have three first party published PSN games. There’s the PlayStation Network Power Pack, which includes: flOw, Beats, and Syphon Filter: Combat Ops. The other one is called the PlayStation Network Collection: Puzzle Pack, bringing you Go! Lemmings, Go! Sudoku, and Go! Puzzle.

We’ve yet to hear any word regarding the price of these Power Packs, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on more details as they come along.

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