SCEE’s David Reeves on PS3 overtaking the Xbox 360 since October

Sony PlayStation 3 next-gen console - Image 1It seems like Sony‘s PlayStation 3 is flying high as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe‘s David Reeves happily announced outstanding sales for the next-gen console over its closest rival, the Xbox 360. The numbers shown during the ongoing PlayStation Day event told of how the PS3 has already made over five million unit sales in Europe with various supplementary sales made from both the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation Portable platforms. More details regarding this in our full article.

Sony's PlayStation 3 next-gen console - Image 1

More news has recently flown in from London, during the ongoing PlayStation Day event. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head David Reeves was proud to announce the success of their PlayStation 3 next-gen console over their closest rival, Microsoft‘s Xbox 360.

The numbers Sony has compiled clearly show that the PS3 has already sold over five million units in the region and has been enjoying a lead over the Microsoft next-gen console since last October.

Despite the 18-month head start the Xbox 360 had over the PS3, Reeves was happy to announce that they were finally making considerable headway against their rival. UK sales alone have amounted to over one million units over the past month.

All of this supplements the 48 million unit sales already garnered from the PlayStation 2 as of the current date. The PlayStation Portable handheld also racked up some considerable numbers with its 12 million sales record to add to its name.

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