Scientists create child-like intelligence in MMORPG Second Life

Scientists create child-like intelligence in MMORPG, Second Life - Image 1Apparently, scientists have been able to do something simply astounding with Linden Labs’ MMOPRG. They were able to create artificial life in the form of a child-like intelligence in Second Life, named Eddie. Read more on this by heading over to the full article.

Scientists create child-like intelligence in MMORPG, Second Life - Image 1Researchers from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have been able to produce a child-like virtual intelligence persona named Eddie in Linden Lab’s Second Life.

This particular creation is based from logic-based artificial intelligence and complex modelling techniques. The four-year-old Eddie has his own set of beliefs.

What’s mpre amazing is that he also hasthe ability to reason about his beliefs. In addition to that, he can also draw conclusions in a way that is at par with real children of his age range. Research project leader Selmer Bringsjord said that “Second Life is remarkably easy to work with, and is very popular.”

Their creation and technologies can be aptly applied to digital environments in which the physical and virtual worlds directly interact. Being able to create such a wonder, Bringsjord said, “Imagine being able to step into a simulation environment in which you interact with synthetic characters as sophisticated as those seen in Star Trek‘s holodeck.”

This research is funded by IBM and other sponsors and uses Rensselaer’s Computational Center for Nanotechnology Innovations. The CCNI provides more than 100 teraflops of computing power through parallel Blue Gene supercomputers, POWER-based Linux clusters, and AMD Opteron processor-based clusters.

Via IT News

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