ScummVM 0.11.1

DS Lite - Image 1Itching to get that retro fix on your Nintendo DS? Then ScummVM’s just the homebrew for you, with its ability to emulate most SCUMM-coded games at full speed (and in almost perfect stability, too). Point-and-click retro heaven on the DS is just a download away, so hit that jump!

Download: ScummVM 0.11.1

ScummVM - Image 1 

If you’ve been enjoying the point-and-click games of old through the beta releases of ScummVM for the DS, then here’s an update that should get you scrambling: the final, non-beta release of version 0.11.1 is now out, and we have to say that all the time spent on the beta is pretty worth it. Read on for more details about this homebrew that lets you play almost all of the SCUMM games of Lucasarts‘, and then some.

What’s changed from the last beta release, you ask? Here’s the changelog:

  • New games supported: Elvira 1 and 2, Waxworks (Amiga version)
  • Software scaler for improved image quality. Turn it on using the DS options screen (press select during the game).
  • Function keys added to virtual keyboard (used in AGI games)
  • Plenty of bug fixes

So if you’re in the market for a SCUMM emulator on the DS that’s as stable as can be, then ScummVM’s the one for you. Enjoy, and be sure to check the readme bundled in the downloadable archive for any questions regarding installation and play!

Download: ScummVM 0.11.1

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