Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes debut trailer: 2-on-2 battle gameplay

Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes - Image 1Via scans the other day, Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes was revealed for the PSP. Now we see the game in moving pictures! Check out the debut trailer in the full article, complete with 2-versus-2 gameplay!

Revealed the other day was Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes. Scans are one thing, screenshots seen in scans are something else. Let’s up the media a notch higher, shall we? This time, we see the game in moving pictures!

Finally, the debut trailer for Capcom‘s upcoming game has been released. What’s important to check out here is the 2-on-2 battle system talked about in the scan we saw the other day.

The game looks mad cool and all, but right now, I’m just hoping we get more info on whether this title will hit regions outside of Japan too. Their schedule has a 2009 release in Japan, none confirmed (yet) for North America or Europe.

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