Smash Court Tennis 3 opening cinema and match gameplay videos

A peak into Smach Court Tennis 3 by Namco for the Playstation Portable - Image 1We finally get to see the latest videos of Smash Court Tennis 3  for the Microsoft Xbox 360. The Sony PSP version was already released a few months back, but now with this video, 360 owners can see what they can look forward to in Namco Bandai‘s tennis game. Check out the full article for the match gameplay and the opening cinema videos.

It was 8 years ago when Sega’s Hitmaker division brought the serve and volley drama of tennis from the courts to the arcade with Virtua Tennis. Now Namco seems to be gearing to rally fans of virtual sports games once more with Smash Court Tennis 3. We’ve sneaked a peak into an opening cinema video to see just what Smash Court Tennis 3 has in store for you.

In the first short video, we see how this tennis game from Namco Bandai will look for the Microsoft Xbox 360. We also get to see some of the tennis superstars who’ll be gracing Smash Court Tennis 3 including Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova. In the second video, we see players Rafael Nadal and Feliciano Lopez having a match, giving us all a hint on how Smash Court Tennis 3 will be playing on the 360.

This Xbox 360 version of the game from Namco Bandai seems promising enough. Take a look at the opening video of Smash Court Tennis 3 below and tell us what you think.


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