So whatever happened to the ‘big FF7 announcement’?

FF7 Advent Children Complete - Image 1Say, did we miss anything? Some of you may be wondering if Square Enix did keep true to their promise about announcing something pretty big during DKS3713. Prior to the event, the online community has been stirring about some “big FF7 announcement” or BFF7A, as I’d like to call it in acronym form. Now the event is done, where is it? Where is the BFF7A? The way I see it, it’s actually already been revealed.

FF13 demo - the big FF7ACC announcement - Image 1

Let me throw out this quick post to clarify things and set matters in order. I know probably a handful of you are waiting out for that “big FF7 announcement” that Square Enix promised to reveal during their DKS3713 event. Well, the event’s finished now, and maybe some of you (myself included, to an extent) are asking “What the — that’s it?!”

Well, to the untrained eye, maybe the “big FF7 announcement” has just gone MIA, but actually, if you look close enough, it’s there. The way I see it, the so-called “big FF7 announcement” or “BFF7A” (a term which I’m now coining, thank you very much) has actually already been revealed. Sorry to get your hopes down, but here’s the deal:

BFF7A = FF13 demo included with FF7ACC

Yeap. That was it. I said as much yesterday in the “REMAKE 7” post, and I’m saying it again – now with more firm belief since the DKS3713 event is over and done with.

I know it might be tough for some of you to accept it, but if you want to take the fanboy route (which I hope you don’t…), there’s always the brighter side of the “oh well, at least the demo’s going to be a PS3 exclusive” argument. (Which isn’t entirely 100% sure yet though)

But moving on. How was the big FF7 announcement the FF13 demo? That’s because if you trace back all this unnecessary hype to the original quote of Testuya Nomura, the only thing he did confirm were the following:

  1. They’ll be announcing the release date of FF7ACC at the DKS3713 event.
  2. To accompany this announcement, they’ll make another big announcement, and
  3. that it will shock the fans in attendance.

And that’s just what happened (just not sure about #3 though…). They announced the release date for the FF7ACC Blu-ray, and alongside it, snuck in that bit about the FFXIII demo being included. To begin with, it shouldn’t have been a “big FF7 announcement” but a “big FF7ACC announcement”.

So there you go. Move along now. Stay toasty.

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