Sony bares second Nippon no Asoko de Japanese trailer

Catch snapshots of places with Nippon no Asoko de - Image 1How would you like to play cartographer and reshape the map of Japan according to your preferences? Now you can – well, in a game, anyway – with Sony Computer Entertainment’s Nippon no Asoko de. Catch a demo video of the game in the full article after the jump.

Sometimes, one just gets this urge to remake reality according to one’s personal tastes. Fortunately, Sony Computer Entertainment’s map-making game, Nippon no Asoko de, let’s players to just that. The video below will give you a better idea of how things operate in this quirky-looking game.

Sony’s video begins with a pleasant, accented female voice – the kind you might hear in airport terminals – notifying passengers about the boarding of a craft bound for Tokyo. From thereon, it delves more deeply into the map-making specifics of Nippon no Asoko de.

The rest of the video shows aliens scanning Tokyo and apparently making personalized maps of the city. As they do so, the Japanese announcer discusses details of the game system, such as the Place Engine and the Peta Map.

Unfortunately, the Nippon no Asoko de video is played out on the screen of a PSP, which may be a bit too small for some viewers. To see what we mean, check this out:

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