Sony “categorically” denies confirmation of PSP phone

Sony 'categorically' denies confirmation of PSP phone - Image 1According to reports a few days ago, the PlayStation phone (or PSP phone, whatever floats your boat) was confirmed in a statement by SCE co-chief operating officer Jim Ryan speaking with The Economic Times of India.

Want to know what Sony has to say? Check the full article.

PlayStation Portable phone concept - Image 1 The rumor mill has been working overtime during the past few days. The fuel? Reports of the PlayStation Portable phone. Today, another kind of report surfaced: Sony‘s statements regarding the said rumor.

In case that you’ve been out of the Internet loop for some time, here’s a bit of a primer on the current PSP phone rumor-slash-confirmation. Sony Computer Entertainment co-chief operating officer Jim Ryan was quoted a few days back by The Economic Times (of India) saying that the PSP phone is “plausible.”

Well, as all rumors and rumored confirmations go, SCE is quick to give an official statement. Speaking with MCV, an SCEE rep strongly denied that they are working on a PlayStation phone. The rep stated that they “can categorically state that we are not currently working with Sony Ericsson on any form of PlayStation phone.”

According to the said representative, Ryan was misquoted in the previous article and that complaints have been filed against The Economic Times.

We’ll keep you posted on more updates regarding this. Stay tuned.

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