Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft warn of possible shortages

Nintendo, Sony, MS wardn of possible shortages - Image 1It’s almost Christmas, folks, and you know that that means – plenty of shopping to do. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are sending out word even as they make their preparations, they will still be expecting shortages to start occurring on certain areas in the UK. To this end, each company’s sent out their corresponding representative to reassure the fans that they’ll do what they can to keep the expected holiday (relatively) sane. Visit the full article to read each representative’s detailed announcements.

Nintendo, Sony, MS warn of possible hardware shortages - Image 1With Christmas just a little more than a month away, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are making their preparations for the expected holiday rush. But even as the three begin stockpiling their corresponding game systems, they are also sending out word that they may still experience hardware shortages for the UK region. Here was David Yarnton‘s statement regarding Nintendo’s Wii and DS stocks for this year season:

Every year it seems to happen with stock being tight, and I don’t think that this year is going to be any different. We’ve got regular stock coming in. In terms of demand, we can’t predict whether that will be enough at the moment – probably not. But you can’t just turn on a tap with hardware.

Here was the statement from a spokesman of Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK branch regarding the PS3, PSP and PS2:

This year the challenge for PlayStation UK is logistical. It continues to be tight, but we continue to do our best to ensure a flow of stock is available to our customers in this all important buying season.

And finally, the word from Microsoft’s regional VP (UK) Chris Lewis regarding their Xbox 360 supplies:

We’re working hard to make sure that shortages don’t happen. Inevitably the odd pocket of the EMEA region will have the odd blip, but weÂ’ve got a lot better at this over the years.

We advise the readers that the best remedy for shortages (at least on your part) is to do some early shopping. We’ll let you know if the companies make any more related statements in the near future.


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