Sony: ‘No comment’ on 80 GB PS3 phase out rumors

Sony: 'No comment' on 80 GB PS3 rumors - Image 1 With the rumor still circulating the internet that the PS3 will be phased out, Sony has finally  released a two-word statement regarding this issue. Can you guess what those are? Check out what they said in the full article.

Sony: 'No comment' on 80 GB PS3 phase out rumors - Image 1We recently reported on the rumor that was spreading that the PS3 console will be phased out at Best Buy. Sony finally broke their silence regarding this issue by releasing an official statement. “No comment” was released by the company on the issue that the high-end 80 GB console will be discontinued.

With the 80 GB console being removed from the online shelves of Best Buy, a Sony representative sent an email to Wired regarding the issue saying “I caught up with all of the posts and news last night, and as you know, we don’t comment on rumors and speculation.”

There you have it, Sony’s official statement on the rumor circulating their console. It doesn’t exactly provide that much needed ray of light on the matter, but for now, that’s all for us to hold on to.We’ll be keeping you updated on the developments regarding this matter.

Via Wired

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