Sony Pictures: Netflix issue not specific to Xbox, only temporary

Sony Pictures logo - Image 1 No, there is no secret power play going on. Yes, this is only temporary. It is definitely a licensing issue. These are what Sony Pictures is telling us in an effort to explain the whole Netflix-XBL-Sony Pictures controversy. Details in full article.

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Now we look at the other side of the fence. Yesterday, Sony was portrayed as the mean grinch who stole Netflix-Xbox 360 subscribers’ Christmases — more like their movie subscriptions, actually — when it was discovered that Sony pictures are not allowed to run on the Microsoft console.

Competition much, eh?

Today, Sony Pictures steps up on the ring and defends itself, saying that there was now secret power play that went on with the whole thing. Sending out an e-mailed statement,

This issue is not specific to Xbox or any other individual platform. Sony Pictures is currently in discussions with the relevant parties to resolve certain licensing matters related to the distribution of its motion pictures. Given the ongoing nature of these discussions, we don’t think it’s appropriate to comment further at this time.

Given this development, it is then construed that once the licensing issue is fixed, then all will be well in the land of Xbox Live. Maybe.

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