Sony planning to connect PS3 to various devices to increase sales

PlayStation Network logo - Image 1After a good sales boost after the recent Black Friday sales and the introduction of the 40GB Playstation 3 SKU, Sony‘s CEO Howard Stringer introduces Sony‘s gameplan on how to increase the PS3’s sales even further. Details in the full article.

PlayStation 3 - Image 1In an effort to increase PlayStation 3 sales even further, Sony Corporation CEO Howard Stringer revealed their three-year business plan, which involves connecting their next-gen PlayStation 3 console to several other devices such as the PSP handheld and mobile phones.

Sony will first concentrate on connecting the PlayStation 3 to the PSP, and then will move on to other devices. Not much has been revealed about how exactly the PlayStation 3 will be connected to mobile phones, however.

This idea was a brainchild of former Sony Corp. CEO Nobuyuki Idei before he was replaced by Stringer.

Via Bloomberg

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