Sony PSP Firmware 3.90 out now *UPDATED with changelog*

PSP - Image 1Heads up, Sony PlayStation Portable owners! The official 3.90 firmware for your gaming handhelds is finally here, and with the promised Skype feature intact! Check out all the details in the full article. Get to it!

PSP - Image 1

Sony PlayStation Portable owners looking to get more out of their PSPs, rejoice! The highly-anticipated official firmware from Sony, PSP Firmware 3.90, is now out, and with it comes the feature to use Skype. Yes, that Skype, the one that lets you talk over the internet free. Awesome!

So, just what sort of services from Skype are we talking about? Communication over the internet, as well as on mobile phones, baby! Of course, while talking to your Skype buddies is completely free, other types of calls need some moolah to happen. Below is a list of services that you can use upon installing PSP Firmware 3.90 on your Slim & Lite:

  • Outgoing calls between Skype ID (Skype ID) (free)
  • General and the outgoing phone calls (dialer, SkypeOut ™) (paid)
  • General mobile phones in the phone (Phone receiving, SkypeIn ™) (paid)
  • Voice mail exchanges (some paid)

Besides some online dough, you’ll also have to abide by certain conditions to use Skype. The list of requirements, again verbatim:

  • PSP ® console (PSP-2000 series)
  • Memory Stick Duo ™ (capacity needs at least 1MB)
  • Wireless Internet access environment
  • PSP ® Skype to respond to the voice input and output devices
  • Earphones attached remote control (PSP S140 G-G-270) + headset (PSP).
  • 1 headset connected to the remote system to connect to the PSP.

Tough luck for PSP-1000 model owners, then – but definitely a huge bonus for those of us who upgraded to the Slim & Lite. So go on ahead and fire up those Network Updates!

Thanks to HeLRaZR, jj_ob, and Mickey_424 for the tip!

Hold up, we just got the changelog for this firmware update. It’s not the meatiest of changelogs, but it’s important nonetheless:

  • Support for PLAYSTATION®Network titles has been expanded

And that’s it, nothing else. Here’s hoping for a more substantial change log when the next firmware comes rolling.

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