Sony PSP Slim breaks one million barrier in Japan

PSP logo - Image 1The Sony PSP Slim has hit a big milestone in Japan, selling one million units in Japan two weeks faster than the original PSP. Sony sees the opportunity to capitalize on this and announced two new bundles in the form of the Deep Red Value Pack and the Deep Red I Seg.

Sony PSP Slim - Image 1The Sony PlayStation Portable’s slimmer and lighter version has reached a milestone late this month: Its total sales in Japan has hit the one million units sold mark, effectively outpacing the original Sony PSP model by two weeks.

It can be remembered that the Sony PSP Slim had a nice jumpstart in its first four days on store shelves with 250,000 units flying into Japanese homes. When sales stabilized, it enjoyed healthy figures week in and week out.

Sony is planning to capitalize on the end-year sales rush by offering two new limited edition bundles of the PSP Slim. These are the Deep Red Value Pack and the Deep Red I Seg. The Deep Red I Seg has a digital TV tuner bundled in.

The PSP Slim is 33 percent lighter and 19 percent thinner than the original Sony PSP. It also has a slightly larger LCD screen and is a little cheaper.

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