Sony readies new PlayStation Eye bundle for Japan

Sony readies new PlayStation Eye bundle for Japan - Image 1Sony Japan‘s announced that their region will be receiving a new bundle for the PlayStation Eye camera accessory for the PlayStation 3. The bundle will offer users a special software pack that’ll offer more ways to enjoy the accessory. Details are available in the full article.

Sony readies new PlayStation Eye bundle for Japan - Image 1Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) has announced that they will be readying a new PlayStation Eye bundle for their territory, to be released by late July. The bundle will include the PlayStation Eye camera, and a Memoushon software pack.

Memoushon will carry six apps: Make, Look, Solve, Play, Fly, and Move. “Make” will enable users to edit images and sounds recorded on the PlayStation Eye. The other five programs are designed to allow the users to experiment with the camera. Here’s a short description for each (quoting SCEJ’s press release):

  • Make: Software for editing images and sounds recorded through PlayStation Eye camera.
  • Look: Interactive virtual aquarium brought to life by the motion sensitive camera, where users can feed fish and watch them glide majestically across the tank.
  • Solve: Puzzle game. Users have to change the floor surface of the labyrinth by the movements of their hands and roll the ball to the goal.
  • Play: Puzzle action game. Users have to save the “sticky” creatures in the game with the movement of their hands.
  • Fly: Interactive art experience that let users travel over ancient Japanese paintings by sending bird flock soaring over the painting, using hands and body movement.
  • Move: Interactive art experience that creates visual effects from body movement and sound.

Japan’s new PlayStation Eye bundle is currently expected to arrive by July 24, at a retail price of 5,000 yen (US$ 48). That’s the latest info we have regarding this upcoming new bundle. Check back again in case we run into any further details – or news of a release outside Japan.

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